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Sinatra’s music enchants and bewitches us. It has the same effect on us as we believe it had on him.  Sinatra was more than a gifted singer and talented actor.  He remains a phenomenon.  From 1943, when he first became a star, until his death in 1998, he lived a life of many facets: idol of the bobby-soxers; Oscar-winning actor in “From Here to Eternity”; swinging bachelor of the “Songs for Swingin' Lovers” album; vulgar drunkard in the “Rat Pack” and bittersweet entertainment colossus of the 1970s and 1980s.

Sinatra displayed love and hate, attraction and rejection, friendliness and maliciousness, sensitivity and coarseness, intensity and triviality. It is difficult for us to comprehend such ambivalence and contradiction.  Sinatra doesn’t make it easy for us to understand him. But that’s because it wasn’t easy for him to be Sinatra, and that’s precisely what makes him so fascinating. 

Perhaps we are just grateful to him for living such an extraordinary life, one which only he could live.

Sandro Häsler, Band Leader


Sinatra was a hugely productive artist.  In the course of his career he made studio recordings of some 1300 songs and his total repertoire comprised around 1900 songs.  Between 1940 and 2007, not a year passed without at least one Sinatra title popping up in the US Billboard Charts (either as a single or in an album).  His 1959 album, “Come Dance With Me” (Capitol), was in the Billboard-LP-Charts for 140 weeks.  A further nine albums each remained in the Billboard Charts for over a year.

Between January 1961 and August 1963, Sinatra released a total of 14 different, newly recorded albums, of which 12 reached the top 30 in the Billboard Charts.  Sinatra won 18 Grammy awards and received 25 further nominations.  His musical television shows earned him four Emmy awards.

Sinatra’s January 1980 concert in Rio de Janeiro’s Maracana stadium, with its audience of 175,000, put him in the Guinness Book of Records until Tina Turner attracted a larger audience at the same venue in 1988.  Sinatra performed in more than three dozen countries, spread across all continents.  During his lifetime, his own label records were sold in more than 90 countries. 

Conservative estimates put the total number of Sinatra records sold at around 700-800 million.

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